Spark Plugs

Spark plugs from Bosch

The right spark plug for every application

The Bosch spark plug range contains the right spark plug for virtually every vehicle. Technically, the spark plugs are perfectly designed to satisfy the requirements of each engine.

However, Bosch spark plugs do not only prove their worth on the road. They are also successfully employed in industry as well as for marine and outdoor applications. In motor boats, block-type thermal power stations and low-power engines for gardening and forestry work: Bosch spark plugs excel thanks to their top quality.

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Technology and trends Technology and trends Technology and trends

Technology and trends

Pacemaker for the engine – the spark plug

History History History


Bosch spark plugs make history

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Spark plugs for all applications: Cars, vans, motorcycles, low-power engines, boats, industry.

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The spark plug range from Bosch