Auxiliary lamps

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    Bosch auxiliary lamps: for all vehicle types and requirements

    Bosch can offer a wide range of auxiliary lamps to enhance the standard light profile of a vehicle. Drivers can therefore see more, leaving them valuable time to react more quickly to changes in the traffic situation. A matter of seconds which may be crucial to safety.

    Xenon or halogen

    Certain Bosch auxiliary lamps are equipped with the latest xenon gas discharge technology. As compared to a lamp with a halogen bulb of the same size, this can mean three times as much light.


    Wide/long or narrow/long

    Bosch auxiliary lamps are available with two different light profiles. "Wide/long" for a standard light profile and "Narrow/long" for those who prefer longer distance, narrower illumination.

    An absolute highlight: Rallye 225 Highlight (xenon and halogen)

    The Rallye 225 Highlight driving lamps with integrated LED position lamp combine a sporty, innovative design with maximum driving comfort. They feature a robust housing made of pressure die-cast aluminum for a guaranteed extra-long service life. The computer-calculated lens system provides excellent vision with maximum light efficiency.

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