The Aerotwin Plus - Now with innovative adapter system

The outlook for your wiper business has never been better: chalk up sales with the new Aerotwin. Watch it impress your customers with Power Protection Plus, an innovative wiper blade technology. What's more, its new adapter system enables more interfaces and thus more vehicles to be supported by each wiper blade.

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    Award-winning quality: Bosch wiper blades are the motorists' favourite

    Choose Bosch Aerotwin Plus. The innovative adapter system is just one of its impressive features. Power Protection Plus, the innovative wiper blade technology with patented coating, will also wow your customers.

    Perfect wiper performance: Power Protection Plus optimizes wiper performance throughout the service life of the wiper – without leaving streaks or deposits on the windscreen of the vehicle

    Longer service life: Power Protection Plus makes the wiper element lip incredibly robust and resistant, as well as increasing its service life. Even extreme heat or cold will have little effect on the material.

    Gentle wiper action: Power Protection Plus reduces the coefficient of friction of the material to a minimum. For your customers, this means hardly any running noise, no shaking, no bucking – whether windscreens are wet or even virtually dry.


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