Bosch Spark Plug 4 Range

Bosch Spark Plug 4 Range
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Bosch spark plugs are the motorists' favourite

Bosch spark plugs

Readers of the magazines "auto motor und sport" and "Auto Bild" voted for Bosch as the best make in the "Spark plug" category in 2012.

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    Innovative and powerful: High-end for optimum starting

    This high-performance spark plug operates on the latest surface air gap principle. It is the first spark plug to have four thin ground electrodes with a pointed, silver-plated center electrode. This technical superiority also becomes apparent in the engine performance in all driving situations and throughout the entire service life.

    The advantages at a glance:

    • Appreciably better acceleration
    • Far smoother operation
    • Superior engine elasticity
    • Factory-set electrode gap
    • Eight possible spark gaps for greater ignition reliability
    • Self-cleaning thanks to surface gap design
    • Extended heat range: Capacity for up to three times more cold starts than with conventional spark plugs
    • Enhanced environmental and catalytic converter protection

    And: The spark plug can also be used in older vehicles, so that they too can benefit from the advantages of modern spark plug technology.

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