Wheel Brake Cylinders from Bosch

  • Product information

    Long-term safe braking

    Wheel brake cylinders have to be replaced in the event of defective dust boots or leakage. Brake fluid could otherwise come into contact with the brake linings and impair the braking action. Wheel brake cylinders from Bosch are made of cast iron or aluminum. In combination with tight tolerances, these high-grade materials ensure a long service life as well as optimum operation and freedom from leaks.

    The complete package: Drum brake kits from Bosch

    Drum brake shoes and wheel brake cylinders have a similar lifetime. Bosch therefore recommend replacing all parts at the same time. Drum brake kits from Bosch can help to save plenty of time. In the Bosch Super Pro kit for example, all the components are supplied fully pre-assembled. And there is just one order number for all the parts.