Drum Brake Shoes from Bosch

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    Tested for safety

    Drum brake shoes from Bosch are distinguished by their outstanding quality and reliability under extreme conditions. These are crucial factors, as drum brake shoes are amongst the most severely stressed components in a braking system. They are constantly subjected to abrasion, great fluctuations in temperature and a natural ageing process. Even the best drum brake shoes therefore have to be inspected at regular intervals and should be replaced every five years in the interests of safety - ideally with new parts from Bosch.

    The complete package: Drum brake kits from Bosch

    Drum brake shoes and wheel brake cylinders have a similar lifetime. Bosch therefore recommend replacing all parts at the same time. Drum brake kits from Bosch are the ideal answer. In the Bosch Super Pro kit for example, all the components are supplied fully pre-assembled. That saves a lot of time on replacement.

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