Bosch battery with EFB technology

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Does your battery need replacing?

In the case of the many vehicles with start/stop systems, a special control unit diagnostic tester, e.g. a KTS tester from Bosch, is used for battery replacement.

  • Product information

    EFB technology : For passenger cars with start/stop system

    EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology satisfies all requirements that lie somewhere between conventional starter batteries and with AGM technology.

    EFB technology is designed for vehicles with start/stop system. Its deep cycle resistance ensures that sufficient energy is available at all times for restarting the vehicle. Even when a large number of energy consumers are in operation in the vehicle during the stop phase, it maintains its excellent starting performance.



    High Rate Partial State of Charge Cycling: Negative plate additives, optimised pasting and curing techniques result in a battery ideally suited for start I stop cycling.

    EFB range lasts longer than conventional flooded lead-acid batteries and therefore require less frequent replacement, saving energy, resources and emissions during manufacture.

    The EFB range carries a two year national warranty in South Africa.

  • Technology

    EFB technology: Performance that exceeds standards

    In EFB technology, the positive plate is coated with so-called polyester scrim. This gives the active material additional grip on the plate. Deep cycle resistance is then greater than in traditional batteries, and the battery also remains ready for operation when subject to strong vibrations.

    Bosch batteries at a glance: Suitable for all systems

    If battery replacement is needed, it is important to install EFB batteries again in passenger cars that were fitted with this type of battery when new. Otherwise, the function and positive effects of the start/stop system would be impaired. The battery service life would also be reduced.