Silver Calcium

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Does your battery need replacing?

In the case of the many vehicles with start/stop systems, a special control unit diagnostic tester, e.g. a KTS tester from Bosch, is used for battery replacement.

  • Product information

    Bosch Batteries – Optimal starting power for all vehicles

    Bosch has a maintenance free solution for all vehicles on the road; the Silver Calcium range for heavy duty commercial vehicles.


    Leak proof dual moulded vent that virtually eliminates the possibilities of acid spillage on the battery top, due to poor road conditions and in off road and construction vehicles.

    Extremem vibration resisitance due to plate locks fitted to end cells & hot melt glue that anchors plate groups.

    Nationwide 1 year warranty.

  • Technology

    Start / Stop system:

    No movement - no fuel consumption. When the vehicle is at a standstill and after a check of the state of change of the battery, the system automatically switches offf the internal combustion engine.

    The electrical consumer units in the vehicle continues to be supplied during the stop and the current energy consumption is monitored. When the journey is to be continued, operating the clutch automatically restarts the engine.