EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology

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In the case of the many vehicles with start/stop systems, a special control unit diagnostic tester, e.g. a KTS tester from Bosch, is used for battery replacement.

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    EFB technology in the EFB battery: For passenger vehicles with start/stop system

    Charge Acceptance: New processing techniques and new negative plate additives have increased the rate at which these batteries can be charged.

    The EFB range lasts longer than conventional flooded lead-acid batteries and therefore requires less frequent replacement, saving energy resources and emissions during manufacture.


    EFB technology: Performance that exceeds standards

    On battery replacement, it is important to install EFB batteries again in passenger cars that were fitted with this type of battery when new. Otherwise, the function and positive effects of the start/stop system would be impaired. The battery service life would also be reduced.